Steinway Hall Concert

Peter Ritzen Gala Concert in Steinway Hall New York

November 11 Tuesday 7:30pm
57th Street and Broadway, New York City


Peter RITZEN, pianist

Stella CHANG, soprano

Jane CHEN, accompanist


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Do Men and Women perform differently ?

After my education of opera in Italy, I have been back to my home country Taiwan R.O.C. for almost 11 years. Now I moved to New York. There are many things different than in Taiwan. For example, there are many bus drivers or school bus drivers are women in New York. In my country, for the past 11 years, I have seen maybe only 1 female bus driver.

I am a woman, too. However, I am not such a feminism. Because I believe men and women have different character and capacity and duty, and on the individual base, everyone is still different. The most important is the co-ordination.

Many years ago, in the New York Philharmonic are only men. Then came few Asian men, then came many ladies. From the first impression when I visit their website, there are “seems” more women than men. Will this effect the sound of New York Philharmonic ? In Europe, especially in the very famous and traditional orchestra like Wiener (Vienna) Philharmonic and Berlin Philharmonic, they believe only men should sit in the orchestra, except harpist.

I think the most important is the co-ordination. In order to have great co-ordination, we need to be willing to understand our partners and support each other. Then we can perform also our daily life nicely like a good ensemble.

chiahui2 witten by Stella CHANG

Opera soprano, Piano teacher,

Director of Renaissance Music Society

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Peter Ritzen’s New CD Recording !

Two days after the exiting  concert held on 19th of December 2008 in Ghent, the native city of Peter Ritzen, he made his new CD recording with same ensemble ” The Moscow Chamber Academy” which won great success with him last Friday.

The repertoire of this CD are very attractive:

Piano Quintet of Cesar FRANCK, and

Piano Quintet of Peter RITZEN himself.

We are very much looking forwards for this CD being published.


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Welcome to the official Blog of RMS !

Welcome to the official Blog of RMS.

We are going to offer many ideas, activities and information here.

Make sure that you do’nt miss it !

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Heavenly Peace – video excerpt I

Heavenly Peace Adagio2 ´Piety´ by Peter Ritzen

Excerpt of Peter Ritzen’s Transcendental Symphony Heavenly Peace with the world famous tenor Angelo Marenzi and conductor Meir Minsky from Israel.

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Heavenly Peace – video excerpt II

Heavenly Peace Scherzo ‘Ancient China’ by Peter Ritzen

Peter Ritzen’s Trancendental Symphony Heavenly Peace ‘Ancient China’ where the composer depicts the great history of China in a glorious festival with chinese instruments.

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